Get involved

Fortunately we have many ongoing projects and many future projects as well, which is wonderful news for all of us.

Many of our projects are long-term and are meant to inspire and open new ways of expression and creation on a planetary level. So, if you like what we are transmitting, we will gladly make you space here to join us in our projects, actions and events.

You can get involved by promoting our projects. Speak about them. Share the articles on the site.  Get involved into the  creation of our image for different projects and campaigns, video production, fundraising, event planning or event volunteering.

You can get involved in the development of the community by paying us a visit and spending time with us.

You can get involved even more by being inspired by what we accomplish and by what we transmit and generate your own projects.

Hop on! It is time to bring into manifestation for an incresingly number of people The Land of Love.