Welcome To The SunShine Festival

First In A Series Of Bright Events · Rosia Montana · Romania · 2016 September 8-25

Let the SunShine in!

SunShine is a tribute to life and a call to all who wish to honour it. Love for nature, comunion between people, creation, comunication, knowledge, electronic & acoustic music, art, beauty, joy and harmony are the keywords for this special event. Within the last decade Rosia Montana has become the symbol of ecological and civic consciousness in Romania. SunShine Festival aims to make it the starting point of love for nature and of unity between people in a common and active vision.

Sun Shine is an open space and an invitation to:

Nature lovers, organizations and environmentalists involved in biodiversity protection programs The ones who love Rosia Montana and want to get involved in the sustainable development of this famous village Spiritual seekers and people having a holistic view on life, looking for new experiences that can expand their consciousness and perception, or wish to actively get involved in anchoring high energies for the purpose of raising the vibration of Earth and manifesting a world of communion, harmony and abundance Artists, music and dance lovers who beautify the existence through their devotion and creativity Sustainable communities enthusiasts

Get The Vibe!


The first week (8-15 September) is mainly dedicated to practical activites regarding the community of Rosia Montana: DIY workshops, identifying and harnessing wild flora, outdoor activities & more.

The major SunShine events will start on the 15th of September. The following weekends (16-18 and 23-25) will be the busiest ones, being extremely rich in artistic performances and attracting a large number of participants.

The beauty of the Apuseni mountains at the beginning of autumn is one of the best settings for such an event. The Sun will Shine for sure, for real or metaphorically.

Vision · SunShine Message

Sunshine is the first event in Romania aiming to reunite in a relaxed space of communication: nature lovers and wise environmentalists, spirit travelers, permaculture devotees, child artists of beauty, founders of new communities or brave hearts who wish to join them, inventors and developers of free energy and world technologies, cultural heritage lovers, skilled craftsmen and practical alchemists.

We believe people need to leave behind the values of anthropocentric education that already has made an enormous harm to natural environment and embrace a new type of education based on respect and gratitude, centered on the harmonious interaction between all life forms. Present times are asking for a new context of manifestation where all nature enthusiasts coming from different cultural, spiritual or activist groups - the 'young' and 'alive' - can gather, meet each other and get involved in common righteous causes and altruistic actions.


We intend to reunite as many people and NGO's as possible and to create together one common social voice able to act effectively and permanently for: stopping deforestation, ecologizing natural parks, lowering the consumption that leads to polluting industry, promoting and applying the principles of permaculture as well as organic architecture, cleaning rivers, ecological education, legislative proposals for nature's rights & more. During the time SunShine is taking place we intend to start producing a documentary movie about the magnificent biodiversity of Apuseni Mountains, with the purpose of gaining international support for protecting this area. The documentary will also be the message of our fund raising campaign, which is absolutely necessary if we wish our actions to have an echo.

Another important stake of our 2016 gathering is stimulating the creation of sustainable communities. More and more people are willing to take this road. We wish to encourage this phenomenon by inviting members of already existing such communities, to share their experience during the event. The gates of our small community from Apuseni, The White Sun created by The Shining Earth, will always be open to anyone interested in joining.

We intent to create through ceremonies, meditations, music and other artistic expressions an active energetic field to contribute on raising the vibration of the Earth, to help generate new social actions meant to harmonize, pacify and beautify our home planet.

Last but not least, as a natural consequence of the actions nested by SunShine, we will participate on the long run to the sustainable development of Rosia Montana in the spirit of ecosophy, respecting the biodiversity and cultivating the love between fellow humans.

One More Thing

We encourage equilibrium and harmony and we discourage the consumption of harmful drugs, meat and excessive alcohol. Just so you know...

On Stage

Music... is what fills the empty space inside of an atom.

SunShine Music & Sound Vibrations

The lineup is continously beeing updated...

Barbarossa Samba Group · brazilian percussion

UFe · world electro sounds of joy

El Madre · "stupa noise" & acusmatic sounds

Bogdan Octav & Cercul Întreg

Văzduh · world electro sounds of joy

Neica Nimeni · classic turntables, only vinyls

dj spejbl · detroit techno/oldschool house

Omul Tzuc · world electro sounds of joy

Mr. Chillum C. Hill · psychill

Styx.Dj · psydelic wizard

Mistah White · hiphop/reggae/ragga/chill

Burner Greene · electro/mashup/dub


Abuabua · World music

Brad · tehno spirit

Trans Humantza · psy dreams

Hip · techno, progressive, tech house

XOA & Psylev · psy-progressive music

Thal (Psy Crew) · psy-trance/forest/dark/ambient sounds


The most expensive thing in the world is Free Time. Make the best of yours when you find it!

Activities And Non-Activities

The lineup is open to all who whish to express and contribute. We will constantly post here who has joined SunShine...

Journey To The Spirit

Tarot and The Stories of Love between Sky and Earth with Anca Vasilescu
Sun Breathing with Raziel
Connecting to the Spirit of the Planet with Raziel
Steps in Active Meditation with Raziel
The Ceremonies of Water and Crystalline Life with The Shining Earth
The Ceremonies of the Diamond Heart with The Shining Earth
Alive Stories Circle with Mihaela Gheorghe
Reconnectant Healing with Maria Eirene
Introduction to the the Art of Breathing with Teodora
BodyConscious Workshop with Primitiv Entertainment
Tao and the Personal Experience · About Tao and Taoism with Cristi Pascal
Zen Meditation · The Meditation of Silence with Cristi Pascal
Viniasa & Nidra Yoga with Dana Nedelcu
Energetic & Terapeutic Massage with Ioana
Massage with Love with Luna Clara
Holistic Motion with Daniel Dragoescu
Gong Bath & Tibetan Bowls Therapy with Simona Cornea
Shamanic Journeys Within the Three Worlds and Women Circle with Flavia
Children Of The Bliss Worshops and Ceremonies with Ava Tara
Anca’s Arch with Anca

Self Sustainable And Harmonic Communities

The House With Fir Tree · Another kind of Fir with Cristi Pascal and Alexandra Roman
The White Sun · A settlement built with people’s hearts with The Shining Earth
Introduction to Venus Project with Claudiu Iulian Barbu from Pachamama Romania

Ecosophie, Permaculture, Ecology

When Nature Is Too Less with Cristi Pascal and Alexandra Roman
Nature Rights with Pachamama Romania through the voice of Daniel Diaconu

Project Presentation

Magnetic Gravitational Quantum Technologies by Bucharest Study Group

Arts & magiCrafts

Making Traditional Magic Masks From Branches with Cosmin Marinescu
Singing In The Wind · Making an Artistic Installation of Crystalline Sounds with Luna Clara

Workshops & Home Made

The Alchemy of Plants with Sava Raul
How Is Soap Made with Mihaela Stoica
The Flavors of the Oil Press with Diana
Picking Medicinal Plants with Teodora & Raziel
Making Zacuska with The Shining Earth
Making Pickles with The Shining Earth

Movies That Inspire

Water The Great Mystery
Sun Revolution
La Belle Verte
In Transition 2.0
Nosso Lar

Recreational Activities

Hiking, Archery, Dance, Silence Concerts, Cycling & more...


Let the SunShine in!

The moment of Now is a Gift. That's wht they call it (a) "Present"...

Feel Free To Donate

Your contribution will help us support this event and the continuity of The Shining Earth projects.

Admission F(r)EE

Because we believe in the economy of gift and we want a large number of people to be able to participate to this event we decided to make the entrance free for donations. From 1 euro to 1.000.000 euros, all donations are welcome.

Activities Support

Throughout the event, donations for those who are conducting the workshops are more than welcome. This provides them with the means to travel to places and share their gifts and knowledge.

SunShine · Roşia Montană is an open door festival addressed to people's hearts and celebrating the joy of being and vibrate TOGETHER!

To ensure the continuity of our events we are in great need of your support. This is a call to all of you who resonate with our actions and are happy to participate and contribute to such wonderful happenings.

We've started SunShine on a budget, with no sponsors... All the artists and the activities facilitators are performing Pro Bono. They have joined us with the sole purpose of spreading the vibration of unity, beauty and harmony.

Yes, we are in need for donations or sponsorship and we are happy to anticipate they will flow in abundance to every one's delight. We are extremely grateful for your support, involvment or contribution!

What Do We Need Exactly?

1. Money to be used for artists, workshop facilitators and lecturers transportation, event logistics & supplies, fuel, food, etc.

2. Nonperishable food: vegetable oil, flour, sugar, honey, cereals, spices, coffee, cocoa, etc. They are needed to feed more than 20 volunteers and all the artists who will join us.

3. Cardboard cups for hot drinks.

4. Glass jars with lid (different sizes) that will be used during the organinc food canning workshops.

5. Large waterproof covers for the electrical equipment protection.

6. Large canvas pieces for decoration.

7. Mattresses to set up a five star dorm inside the barn.

8. Crafted lamps, lanterns and torches.

9. One multifunction printer for posters, documents, etc.

Would You Like To Contribute?

Get involved by making a donation to The Shining Earth projects. We believe in the gift economy and we would like our gifts to be accessible to every one. We are grateful.

Donate by making a bank transfer/deposit to
Asociatia The Shining Earth:
RO73BTRLRONCRT0334339301 (RON)
RO23BTRLEURCRT0334339301 (EUR)
RO27BTRLUSDCRT0334339301 (USD)
Bank: Banca Transilvania

If you prefer PayPal:

Nonperishable food and items can be mailed to the following address: Sat Corna, nr 713, comuna Roşia Montană, judeţul Alba To: The Shining Earth Attn. Teodora Apostol. Or you can bring them yourself if you're coming to SunShine...

Thank you for your support!

Accomodation & Amenities

Eat, Pray, Love... Don't forget to Drink and Rest in between!

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping on a Mountain of Gold?

Here's your chance...

Accomodation · Plan A: Tents

Bring your own tent and try the Rosia Montana's concept of Air B&B: fresh Air, grass Bed & organic Breakfast. The air and the lawn are free (included in your admission donation). You may stay as long as you please. You'll have to take care of your own food and drinks. There is quite a large Camping Area where you can install your tents on Tzarina Plateau - where the venue takes place.

Accomodation · Plan B: "In Da' House"

If you'd rather spend your nights under a more solid roof, you wish to get acquainted with local people and perhaps explore the region, we can help you find accommodation in tourist pensions and private homes of Rosia Montana. Please contact us so we can ease your reservation and put you directly in contact with locals offering touristic services.

Bar & Kitchen

There will be a bar next to the main stage. A kitchen will be installed around the "headquarters" house on the plateau (the one in this section's cover photo), located about 300 m away from the main events area.


To heaven...

These roads were made by Gold Seekers... They are now travelled by Light Seekers.

Access Roads

By Car · The festival will take place on the Tzarina Plateau, a small village above Rosia Montana, where Fan Fest took place for several years in the past. The easiest way to reach Tzarina is from Abrud, direction Corna and Cupru Min. When entering Abrud from Zlatna, on the left-hand side you will see a gas station (before reaching the city centre). Turn right just in front of this gas station: that's the road that leads to Corna village and Cupru Min. There will be "SunShine" signs posted along the way to guide you. After passing Corna, further up you'll have to turn left and enter a road leading into the forest. From the gas station up to this point are 13.5 km. There will be a "SunShine" sign indicating this turn. Make sure you don't miss it since it's after a curve. This offroad part has approximately 400 m, it's very well maintained, has no slopes and leads (almost) directly to the SunShine main gate. That's it. You're here already...

By Bus · You can reach the Tzarina Plateau from Rosia Montana village as well. Once you get there you should ask people for the hiking trail leading to Tzarina/Fan Fest Plateau. There will be signs installed along this forest path, too. The hike takes about 25-30 minutes.

SunShine Contact

Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. You may also contact us via our Facebook pages.


+40 751 515 254

+40 757 800 274

Roşia Montană, Jud. Alba, Romania

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