Vision & Action

The Shining Earth – The Earth that shines – it’s you with an open HEART, it’s we CELEBRATING life, it’s the SMILE of each form of LIFE.

The Shining Earth its an invitation to discover the beauty of Earth and to realise that each being, due to its body, is a lively and animated part of the Earth. A heart from a huge Heart. (At the moment most people are living in concrete cages or even worse, in mind or abstractions prisons that are making them disconnected from the beauty and reality of Earth)

The Shining Earth is actively participating to the TRANSFER of the current civilization towards the ERA of LOVE / THE NEW EARTH which is the effect of  great transformation happening to The Solar System and to the visible Universe but also thanks to the synchronization and tuning between Earth’s reality and cosmic order,  done with the sustained effort of extraordinary beings: spiritual masters, geniuses, artists, ascended masters etc.

The participation consists of:

  1. Raising the planet’s vibration by:
  2. Dedicated events:
  • daily ceremonies: The Ceremony of Water and Crystalline Life, The Ceremony of Sovereignity and Eternal Abundance, The Ceremony of The Diamond Heart
  • camps, festivals
  • audio-video online streaming
  1. Information that is clear and accessible on planetary ‘ascension’, on how to evolve spiritually and raise your vibration, on planetary changes and the new earth or what is love; the information is  presented from scientific as well as spirtual point of view on, social media, books and special movies.
  1. Creating fields of communion and active love

                The Earth’s journey is towards Unified mode, meaning Communion between human fellows as well as with nature.  Thereby the transition from the era of Individualization to the era of Communion is vital. And the new communities emerging as expressions of love, beauty and harmony between people are mandatory. The article ‘Individuality and communion’ is an invitation to understand why it is vital to step into the grace of communion.

  1. We create and support the birth of communities in the middle of the nature as well as buffer zones meant to prepare the future communities, oasis of light that will form the first cities               of light on the ground.

                2.In the cities we support and participate to:

  • the creation of light centers exonerated from the classical bussiness philosophy but supported by the economy of gift
  • educational centers focused on keeping the children’s natural purity, light and connection with Spirit
  • art & creation centers

                All this is meant to prepare the masses for the transition towards the new world, to create big energy fields able to support the towns and to reshape the urban structures there where it is possible.

III. Generating fields of Soveregnity and Abundence on planet Earth for as many people as possible, starting with Romania.

Abundence is a state in which humans flourish and grow from all points of view and this is why it is vital that an incresing number of people enter the grace of abundance.

It is possible through the medium of:

  • associative systems in which people and investors can find themselves again; many actions will first take place in Apuseni mountains inside rural communities, where we find the ideal space of manifestation, resources and opened people for associative systems.
  • making pilot projects for a national project

1.The Green Gold of Apuseni Mountains: creating one organic center with more branches:

                – a center for collecting and processing wild flora and forest’s gifts

                – widely spread permaculture sites, meant to provide with minimum of effort sustainable resources (ecological food, construction materials, tools for living) for the communities around as well as for urban centers.

  1. Wandering through Paradise: the creation of a center and a network of tourism in Apuseni Mountains that will later extend to the whole country.

The kind of tourism that we are promoting is one of beauty and purity, of culture and ancestral activities, of spirit, energy and revitalization.

Wandering through Paradise involves greening actions, ecologization, making of videos, events, mapping the nature and human beauty of Apuseni Mountains as well as other related actions.

All of these are connected and together they create the preconditions of a shining development that the world and Romania will masterly benefit .

3.The Cradle of Life: project for protecting the biodiversity.

4.Art and symbol: organising training courses for the rural communities and the small towns in Apuseni Mountains as well as for the future members of the communities generated by The Shining Earth.

5.The creation of Harmonization Centers that will quickly replace the idea of hospital and classical therapies.

6.Energy and Living Technology is an upcoming project whos fruits will provide free energy and new technology of The Earth of Love.