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We celebrate Life through the Ceremony of Crystalline Water

The Ceremony os Cristalline Water

The Ceremony of Cristalline Water is a story of love, the love that flows inside all of us, the essence of all the beings and things. The Ceremony of Cristalline Water is a tribute to Life, to the existence itself, that brings all of us together. In the same time, it is an invitation to the whole humanity, to unify our consciences and hearts for honoring together the water and the whole structure of life.

This ceremony first took place in Romania, in 2015. Since then, it has been practiced almost daily.

Now, at the beginning of 2018, the time has arrived to make it internationally well-known. It was born out from the suggestions of the Universal Consciousness that manifested itself in repeated moments, in the form of dreams, expressing its need to be performed in this actual planetary context. There is a FB group named The Shining Earth, especially created to sustain the daily Ceremony of Crystalline Water.

Being part of the ceremony is extremely simple and does not involves any previous preparation or initiation. It involves only an opened heart, the curiosity in exploring the mysteries of live and water, and the joyful intention of sending love and gratitude to the water, individual or inside of a group, for couple of minutes, daily.

By its wisdom and structure, the water has the power to memorize and radiate all the information and energy received, into the whole structure of water and to the whole structure of life.

By sending gratitude and love to water, these high frequencies are being absorbed and spread into the Source Code of life that automatically generates certain smaller or larger mutations across the food chain. At the same time, specific mutations will influence our attitude towards life and water, but also to the chemistry and DNA of our own body. By supporting this ceremony (and other related actions) by an increasingly number of people, the Earth’s destiny can be changed and directed to the coordinates of peace, harmony, and true prosperity. The human being that is constantly conditioned by emotional turmoil, human suffering and dramas, can be activated at a higher frequency. The relationship between all kingdoms of the planet can be considerably harmonized and the beauty that surrounds us can be extremely strengthened and integrated into our lives.

Water simply gives us the opportunity to authorize the frequencies of love and gratitude to direct our collective destiny, to influence our genetics and biology, and to participate decisively in building a fully harmonious and thriving civilization. Try to imagine that love is the coordinating architect of the entire planetary society. It’s not as hard as it may seem.

What would be the minimum steps of the ceremony?

The ideal place of the ceremony to be held is by a river, but if we do not have this option, we can always choose the wonderful option of pouring water in a bowl and create a harmonious environment that reflects beauty and dedication.

We breathe in and out for a few times, focus our attention into our hearts and begin to radiate love and gratitude to the water in front of us. In order for the information to grow stronger, we can hold our hands on our heart during the ceremony; of course, each of us knows his ideal posture of total relaxation and the force of expression of harmonious vibrations.

Focusing on a feeling of full connection with the whole water system is essential in this ceremony. The heart opens up ever more widely after each ceremony, and its energy encompasses and connects deeper and deeper with the world of water.

Contemplating dolphins and whales can also help us perceive and communicate more intensively with water.

These are the basic steps of the water ceremony. Certain implications and nuances will be further described in the following information.

The duration of the ceremony strictly follows our rhythm and our dedication, (with 10-12 minutes being a minimum opening and attunement of water). We will instantly feel the effects of this process and we’ll be able to gradually notice that our relationship with water will suddenly change. This will give us the wonderful surprise that the simple act of being present around the water is going to become a real ceremonial act, by which we will deepen our perception of the sacredness of water. Over time, we will also feel that a ceremonial energy field will be generated. With every water celebration, this field will be amplified more deeply and will begin to permanently function.

The ceremony can be adjusted within the power of our imagination in any way. As it will naturally start „dressing” the clothes of an artistic act and make room to the expression of joy and innocent play, we will notice that a great radiance will start flowing into our relationship with the world of water.

Singing to the water is even more powerful, especially if this ceremony is held within a group. The sounds have a high frequency and power to generate harmonious structures in the subtle flow of water.

The artistic expression is a magic ingredient of the ceremony and with this realization we can create certain artistic performances and events around the sacredness of the water. At the same time, everyone who deeply loves this planet and its luxuriant nature can co-ordinate a group of people to support the water ceremony and other related activities, which are so vital in this great planetary transformational context.

There are many water formulas that we can choose from, if we feel like working with them. One of the most well-known formula is the Kabbalist “VAV MEM BET”, which means “And I placed my shelter in God”. This is one of the 72 mystical names of God, which are known to have the property of restoring the original quality of water.

Referring to a God that is separate from the world or creation, as expressed by certain religions, can be one of the most toxic beliefs and one of the greatest viruses operating through the imagination of human beings. The very concept of God is so ambiguous and distorted, that in order to make our part in this great evolutionary jump, one of our greatest challenges is the power to see and feel the true sacredness in the flow of life. Life is either fully sacred or God does not exist at all.

Some deepening formulas often used throughout this ceremony are: “The infinity of love (radiates) in the world of water” or “The heaven smiles through the water.” Any formula becomes magical when it is sincere and truly lived from within.

There are at least four interconnected dimensions of water on Earth. The first one is the inorganic water found inside of the Earth and the entire hydrographic network. The second one is that of all organic water that runs through all the animated beings on the planet, including minerals or the human body. The third one is the water that is found in the atmosphere, and ultimately, the fourth one is found in the subtle realm of our emotions.

During the ceremony, we can choose to radiate love and gratitude to all these four distinct dimensions of water, using the following examples:

  1. “Infinite love for all waters of the Earth (including the water of the atmosphere)”
  2. “Infinite love for the waters of our bodies”
  3. “Infinite love for the waters of all forms of life”
  4. “Infinite love for the waters of emotions “

As far as our own body is concerned, it is best if we become aware of our blood or lymph flow, our DNA and the water that is contained by our cells – where the largest amount of water is found (the human body generally contains 75% water at birth, and approximately 50% as we get older.)

The most revolutionary aspect of this ceremony is the powerful awareness of our own body’s fluidity. This will greatly help us connect with the most authentic flow of existence, perceive and live our own sacredness with every inch of our physical and energetic dimensions of our subtle bodies, thus remembering our true nature, as Sons and Daughters of all Life.

There are many surprising effects following this ceremony and new layers of meaningful truths are constantly discovered.

Perhaps the most relevant effect is the radical change of how we relate to water and to all life forms. In time, an intimate and ever deeper relationship between us and the source of all Life will be created. The magic of all magic is the fact that we enter into the sincere equation of reality, expressed by the words “What you love, loves you back”. This way, the love story between us and life becomes an extremely fragrant and fruitful one.

By deepening into the radiance of love we both grow the love in us, and the love in the water, which is enhanced and amplified. In a subtle, but also extremely visible and pragmatic way, water and life will envelop us with its magic and reveal all kinds of mysteries, giving us new understandings and opening us to invisible portals inviting us to venture more and more enthusiastically into the unknowable realm of fortunate surprises.

The most valuable gift that water can provide us is the full awareness and experience of the Truth that water is nothing but flowing love, an expression of the Great Spirit that animates all life and thus sacred in its excellence. Full integration of this simple truth is a genuine ontological jump. Witnessing this reality with the approach of the rational mind is different than truly living it, with every fiber of our being and really contemplating and relishing the sacredness of the water.

Life provides us with many revelations and epiphanies throughout our evolution, and this is one of the greatest. From the moment we can fully sense the sacredness of the water, the whole perception of life changes, and any old image of divinity is shattered, just to be fully reformulated as an integral part of life and as an absolute mystery.

At the present moment, the world’s waters are highly polluted by the dynamics of today’s civilization, and the scale of the phenomenon could very easily scare us. However, if we look at a wider level, we can see that everything that causes pollution is nothing but a manifestation of our repressed emotions and sufferings managed by the planetary subconscious. Thus, the alchemy of our emotions is highly necessary. The logic of life itself orchestrates this process, which is sometimes difficult to understand and accept.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that water is nothing but flowing love and no matter how polluted it might be, as long as the love that flows from the people’s hearts truly speaks to it, it will always continue to flow.

Consciously or not, we are all involved in this alchemical process that is absolutely necessary for our evolution. Therefore, the water ceremony and any other individual or collective similar attitudes, represent the calm in the middle of the storm and a new evolutionary direction born under the sign of harmony, communion and beauty.

Planetary reality is transforming dramatically, the challenges that we are facing are huge, and the attitude we choose to express in front of them can be one that can enhance and honor our existence. For us, the cosmic clock calls to let love decide on behalf of us all, and the planetary water ceremony held by an increasingly number of people, is one of the most bravest acts of the Spirit.

Additionally to the changing attitude towards the whole life system, the water ceremony also has other resonant implications:

– helps to alkalinize the water in our body by having a powerful harmonizing effect to the whole body and to the function of our DNA at different parameters;

– being repeatedly held at a given location, it changes the structure of the surrounding waters and helps raising the energy frequency of the area in which we live;

– can positively influence crops and plants;

– can help harmonize natural areas that have been polluted or heavily affected by human presence, becoming active part in the healing of many planetary wounds;

– helps to the world-wide purification of water, which is daily affected by pollution;

– Through its feminine component, the water ceremony gives a lot of power to the feminine aspects of life, amplifying our acceptance, gentleness, compassion, love, communion in our lives;

– it also plays its part in the alchemy of the toxic emotional spectrum and planetary ancestral wounds that subtly influence us all;

– it balances the feminine with the masculine, the magnetic with the electric, the emotional brain with the physical one.

The list can be very long. The gift of the relationship between humans and water can be testified by all those who will experience this water and life ceremony in the long run.

In spiritual literature and in some psychological approaches there is a lot of talk about the ancestral wounds of mankind, whose main character seems to be the wound of separation that is strongly connected with the theme of abandonment.

Reflecting on this wound and its origins, we come to realize that by experiencing life in this human condition, we have become separated from the source, a very plausible scenario, but also very unreal.

Not only are we not separated from the so-called “source”, but the very notion of source itself can betray a perception marked in a very fine manner by the idea of separation.
The Great Spirit, the Supreme Consciousness, the Great Anonymous as Lucian Blaga, (a Romanian philosopher) has named it, is most likely not to be separated from the infinite flow of life in all dimensions. It might be possible to be truly found into its core of creation.

The masculine approach of dividing and categorizing has made us believe for a very long time that God is outside ourselves. The concept of a “Source” is often nothing but an elegant replacement of another term that betrays the image of separation into the world and is still marked by the tyranny of the same concepts.

Yes, there is a Source of everything that we perceive, but all of it is happily contained in its own self, flowing into a magical dance that we call “Life”. The world’s genesis happens moment by moment. There is no beginning, and there is no end, only an endless continuum that includes the past, the present, the future and all infinite animated parallel universes.

If God really does exist, his most appropriate name is Life, and from the human and planetary perspective, water is the element through which God lives in so many amazing ways.

Of course, water supports every form of existence and unites us all through the grace of love that is contained within it, even if our consciousness and attention are decoupled from the rhythm of life and caught in all sorts of existential dramas.

Paradoxically, in this evolutionary phase, we are part of the inseparable unity of life. Through the wound of separation, and also with other primordial wounds, all of these can be seen as equations of human consciousness experiencing them to make a great evolutionary leap.

Water is flowing love, and by fully assimilating this truth, the magnificent wound of separation is transmuted. In fact, it never even existed, but we had to experience it so we can evolve towards a more refined way of dealing with life.

We largely exist due to water and air, but we are very little aware of these two sources of life. From this perspective, the wound of separation is revealed to us in a different way. Implicitly, we are able to understand how it can be altered: Just by vibrating in synchronous love with the water and becoming aware of one’s breath. The union with the great truths and values is realized through communion with the primordial agents of life and their full honor.

Two absolutely simple gestures show us they are not only parts of union and communion, but they are also fully revolutionary and capable of rewriting the destinies of humanity and moving us towards another “modus vivendi”, that gives birth to new kinds of civilizations.

There are many other ways to tackle this supreme wound, but they all point towards being of service to the whole. Conceptual attitudes are not to be fully trusted anymore. We are flowing         Life and by reference to its magnificent simplicity our supreme wounds will eventually reveal their hidden pearls.

As we become aware that we are living beings in a world that is mostly made of water, we dare to imagine that in other places of the universe, there are other beings who owe their life to other primordial substances. Would it be so wrong to believe that in the x-ray or gamma-ray world there could be all kinds of entities that we might sometimes call “angels” or “archangels” and that they vibrate on a different frequency than us? And if so, can we see that we are related to them by the very kinship of all the substances that are in perfect harmony, encouraging the existence of different forms of life? In doing so, we can let go of the cognitive pressure created by religions and make room for infinite possibilities of life expressing itself.

No matter how vast the Universe is, it does not know separation, nor does it presuppose the existence of a hierarchy as human society is structured on Earth. All it knows is nothing but a full union branched into different frequencies that make room for infinite ways of expression.

Water has the power to teach us all of this in a very subtle way and to also reveal ourselves other mysteries. As Morihei Ueshiba’s words express it: “Do not fail to learn from the pure voice of an ever-flowing mountain stream splashing over the rocks.”

PS. The Shining Earth Iniatiative and The Ceremony of Water. Objectives:

  • Spreading the Ceremony into all the countries of the world and all the big cities
  • Creating a society based on the Crystalline Water
  • Promoting the people that addresses a declaration of love to the Earth, by their products or services
  • Coordinating a festival, once in a year, based on the Water as a main character, and involving artists and celebrities in becoming ambassadors of Water and Life.


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